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We are a marketing and events company based in Dubai, UAE and we are committed to assisting our clients reach their target markets every day.
Product Promotions
  • Product¬†Promotions
  • Events and promotions branding
  • Product activations and launches
  • Publicity and customer service
Event Staff
  • Providing event staff
  • Coordinating customer service
  • Managing event venues
  • Event staff shift coordination
Events Organising
  • Event planning and budgeting
  • Resources and execution
  • Branding and publicity
  • Venue booking and decoration
Social Media
  • Social media management
  • Content generation
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Community growth & online reputation

We work hand in hand with our clients to achieve goals

Every project that we undertake is underlined by strategic planning, execution and reporting to ensure that the publicity objectives were achieved.

Whether it’s planning an event, a promotion, a publicity strategy or hostessing, you have come to the right company!¬†

Our Project Process

To meet the objectives of our clients, we have structured our work in a 4-point strategic plan


Our first step is to have a discussion with the client to understand their requirements and the publicity objective. This will enable us to structure a work plan, a budget and the resources required to deliver an effective project. At this step we are also able to identify the target market that the client is interested in reaching and the best way to do that.

We present an action plan and a budget to the client that covers the period of the publicity, the resources required, regulations involved and any other information that will be relevant in assisting the client to make a decision. Any adjustments required are worked out at this point and a contract is drawn to initiate the work process.

At this point, we plan for execution by sourcing for human resources required, permits if any, branding materials and other resources as may be needed. This is done prior to the scheduled publicity plan dates. The client is kept up to date with the progress at all times. Staff training is done at this point.

The implementation period involves the actual work as per the action plan presented. Whether it is a digital campaign, an event, a mall activation, roadshows or any other publicity plan, we ensure that it is carried out according to plan. All reports are presented to the client at the end of the project.